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We do pride ourselves of the excellent quality of flowers we use, all direct from Holland, and they are bought as fresh as possible from the auctions.  In fact, our flowers when they are ordered are sometimes not even on site at the auction house, or have only just arrived! and when we order our fresh flowers, they are dispatched within 24 hours.

When the flowers come into us, it is our job to condition them really well! They will have been travelling in refridgerated wagons, and then delivered direct to our shop.  So we condition them by first of all cutting each and every stem at an angle, this allows the flower to drink up as much water as possible!, we strip any leaves that may touch the water, de-thorn roses, and check them all that they are the top notch quality we expect!  They are then placed in freshly cleaned flower pots and containers, with fresh water that has flower food added, via our professional florist pump dispenser in our shop.

We will then display the flowers in the shop, or keep them in our workroom, so we can then work some Budz magic on them to put in various forms of displays and bouquets.

We do sell high quality flowers, certainly not supermarket lower grade quality!!! however they still need looking after when they leave our shop.  We do provide care cards with each display and bouquet, and where appropriate flower food.

How do I care for my Budz by Helen Jane flowers that are in a handtied bouqet?

You can leave the cellophane wrapping on your handtied bouquet, but you must always cut the stems of the flowers on an angle before placing in a clean vase of fresh and at room temperature water.  This will ensure there are no airlocks in the stem, preventing the flowers from drinking up plenty of water.  You need to change the water regularly, rinse the stems in water, and if possible cut the stems again on an angle.  If by any chance any foliage or leaves flowers are in the water, remove them as this can contaminate the water. 

And if I have an aqua pack?

The aqua pack is basically cellophane at the bottom of the display containing water only.  You will see if it is an aqua pack as it is clearly marked, and you will see the ball of water at the bottom (please note, that rarely do we use boxes for our aqua packs).  You need to remove the bottom cellophane wrapping containing the water as soon as possible, and then treat like a handtied as above.  If you leave the water as it is, it will soon become contaminated and will not keep your flowers as fresh.  If you speak to Helen, she will advise you that we very rarely do aqua packs as we found that customers tend to leave them as they are, and the water becomes rank and the flowers die much quicker!

If I have a Budz by Helen Jane box?

Budz by Helen Jane boxes are arranged in floral foam, in the box, which is self contained, and the beauty of these designs is that you literally need to keep topping up the container daily!  Directly onto the flower foam which is held in cellophane - do not water into the cardboard box!  Do not remove from the box, but leave as they are!  Flowers will naturally die and may die at different times, and if they do, simply remove the stem as the time comes.  YOU MUST WATER YOUR FLOWERS IN A BOX - DAILY!

Occasionally, flowers arranged in oasis, may become dislodged and be slightly starved of water, you may notice an odd flower drooping if this happens. then simply remove the flower, cut the stem on an angle and put it back in the oasis, but make sure the oasis is wet, and hasn't dried out at all.

You must keep watering your oasis!  our flowers still need water!

For All Budz by Helen Jane Flowers! - Keep them as cool as possible, not in direct sunlight, nor anywhere where it is really warm or really cold!  Beware of keeping your flowers in conservatories - it can be very warm during the day, but extremely cold at night, your flowers will not respond well to these conditions.  Remember as well that some flowers drink faster than others - lillies, sunflowers and roses always need lots of water, don't let oasis dry out!  If you do, then remove the stem, cut it, and put it back into well soaked oasis!

We do get excellent feedback on our flowers lasting well, but this can only happen if they are really well looked after when they leave our shop.  Enjoy and look after your flowers, and they will remain stunning for a good while!   The summer heat can be a problem but if you can keep them as cool as possible, that will definitely help and out of direct sunlight; also in winter when you have the central heating on, and/or a gas fire, make sure your flowers are in the coolest part of the house - not near the radiator or fire - we can tell when flowers have been frazzle! and please remember that eventually flowers do die!  Also please do not leave your flowers in a conservatory!! the extreme of warm during the day, to cold at night will do your flowers absolutely no good!!!

If in any doubt about your flowers, just give us a ring as soon as you notice there is a problem.  Please be aware that we will always need to see the flowers if there is a problem, and also get them back, as there could be a possible problem that we need to take to our suppliers.  We will always look to rectify any issues, that is why we ask for us to be made aware of the problem quickly.  We cannot take any responsibility for flowers that have evidently not been cared for once they leave us, nor after 2 days of having received the flowers from us. 

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