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Mothering Sunday- thank you!

Well that was a busy one!!! Mothering Sunday weekend - lots of orders - planned and not planned!!  We did this one on our own... including all the deliveries!  Bit of a challenge  - especially when one lady gave us totally the wrong house number... but we managed to trace the lady we were delivering to and got it sorted! (couldn't get hold of the lady who had ordered them!)....

We did quite a few flowers to mummy's  - from their furbabies!! Evie orders flowers for her mummy every year and this year she called into see us and collect them!!

Our box arrangement proved to be hugely popular yet again - because its that bit different! we had to restock several times throughout the weekend and totally restock today!

Thank you so much to all our lovely customers who stayed loyal to Budz this Mothering Sunday! Enjoy! xxx

Mothering Sunday 11th March


We are open throughout Mothering Sunday weekend and will be delivering right up until lunchtime on the Sunday!

Please do make sure you order if you want a delivery - as we have limited delivery slots available and need to plan routes etc and stock availability.

We are open on Friday until late - Saturday 8am until 5pm (possibly later) and Sunday 8am until noon.  We will have ready to goes available in the shop on those days, but if you want something specific do please order - even if it is for collection on either the Saturday or the Sunday.

Remember - Quality Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value for Money and a Personal Service!  Dont worry we will be delivering in Budzy! not the bike show on the photo!

Valentines Thank You!

Valentines 2018 - wow - it was a busy one!  Our roses proving the most popular and no wonder! even as a Florist I was wow'd by them!  We kept to our 2 price points again this year which our customers love - and the roses for both of those price points were exceptional!

We have had great feedback already!

Thank you to those of you who supported us... these were our value range of roses- lushness and mine at home are opening beautifully (I managed to sneak some home) Helen

Valentines 2018!

Hopefully this time next week we will be sitting down to a romantic Valentines Day meal after a busy few days!

Yes - its that time again!  Time to get your order in too to guarantee your order and/or delivery!  We will be closing our on-line orders at 1pm the day before.... so that we can get your lovely flowers ready and into our delivery schedule!

So remember at Budz by Helen Jane - Great Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value For Money and a Personal Service!  we do spread the love all the year round but Valentines Day is that bit special!  We will have limited stocks available, so best to order!

A special delivery!

We worked some Budz magic on 60 lovely white roses this week.

Very happy customers!! both for the lady we delivered to, and the customer who had ordered them!  I must admit I'd have quite liked to have brought them home as these were the same white roses I had in my own wedding bouquet!!


Happy New Year ! 2018!

Well before we knew it - its 2018!! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Whilst everyone else was having a Christmas break (or so it seemed!) we had all of 3 full days off! We were in Boxing Day doing all the work for a large wedding, and then there early the next day at the lovely venue over in Clitheroe, before delivering funeral flowers for a funeral on Thursday, another one on Friday, orders on Saturday and out delivering on Sunday!! we finally had a day off!

The wedding went really well - our Bride told us "you've done us proud!"  fabulous!! our deliveries were met with smiles, and our funeral flowers well received! 

So we are back - 2018! into our 7th year in Budz!  tidying up and taking down Christmas and planning for our next few big events and peaks!  and of course our forthcoming weddings!

Happy Days!

Here's our Bride before the big event last week!

Helen & Andy

Christmas and Deliveries

As we head into the last week before Christmas - orders are coming in - for collection and for deliveries.

Whilst we are undertaking deliveries on Christmas Eve - we strongly advise you place your order now, as on the day, it will be not just subject to stock but also subject to our delivery schedule!  This is particularly for those areas we deliver to that are further away - Parbold, Wigan, Buckshaw Village, Clayton le woods, Whittle le Woods and Bolton areas.....

Get your order in early to guarantee Great Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value for Money and a Great Personal Service - always here at Budz!! Santa Florists!

Budzy The Snowman!

Budzy The Snowman was a happy jolly sole, From the florist shop to your Christmas feat, He will brighten up your day!  (ok you have to sing the words!) but Budzy The Snowman is here!  Available to order for Christmas!  lovely fresh long lasting flowers, designed by us here at Budz and ready to decorate your christmas table!


Getting ready for Christmas?  make sure you have ordered your Budz flowers! remember we're open throughout the week before Christmas including Christmas Eve despite it being a Sunday!  we are taking orders now for collection or delivery - either look through our online store, give us a ring at our shop or pop into see us! 

Quality flowers, fabulous designs, value for money and a great personal service - everytime!

Hope to see you soon! Helen & Andy

Christmas in Budz! 2017

We are beginning to get our shop ready for Christmas - I know, I know - its still the middle of November - but its now less than 6 weeks to Christmas!!

We will be open and delivering right up to lunchtime on Christmas Eve! you can order now by popping in the shop, giving us a ring or ordering online at www.budzflowers.net  We will be adding more to our christmas lines over the next few weeks and of course Christmas week, bespoke floral arrangements can be purchased, or you can still place an order for delivery!!


Remembrance Window 2017

So the time has come to move to our Remembrance Window.  Keeping it simple yet effective this year - lights are on timer and our poppies move round too.  Great feedback already on our window.. and of course, we are already planning our next window.. for yes! Christmas!

Spooky Halloween!

We have our window display in for Halloween!!! spooking Adlington again this year!!

Also inside - a bit of a spooky display - but spot the essential item for a florist......

Yes - our brew mug!! and a Budz mug at that!! always important that part of the day when the kettle is on and the first brew of the day!!

October Breather!

Yes - a very quick October breather for us here in Budz.

We are taking a little time out to recharge our batteries - so we will be closed after Friday 6th October for a week - reopening on Monday 16th October.  You can during that time order online for orders on or after the 16th, and we will be able to fulfill your order.

If you contact us by email, facebook or telephone during that time it will be Monday 16th October when we are able to respond to your enquiry.

As a husband and wife team working 6/7 days a week, with very little "us" time, its important for our own wellbeing to take a little time off, and given the last time we had a few days off was back in May, we feel we are more than deserving!!

Thank you for your understanding!  Helen & Andy x

6 years of Budz!

Yes - 6 years!! that's when we first formed our Company Budz by Helen Jane Ltd - in the run up to signing over the premises in Church Street!! Many thought we were mad! many were happy and I think some were sadly jealous... and haven't been the best of fans since!! but hey - we're still here 6 years on!!!

Someone asked us what we've learnt since then - we can only quantify it by saying LOADS!!  we have certainly learnt who are friends are (and aren't), we've learnt about loyalty, how fickle the general public can be, and you can win some of the people some of the time, not all of the people all of the time! We were also told in our first few weeks that we were entering into the business "half baked".... thats because we were considering closing on a Monday.....well giving up 2 well paid jobs, to take a leap of faith into running your own business, and working together... there is certainly nothing half baked about it!!

So thank you to those who have been part of our journey, who have stayed loyal to us and become firm supporters of me and Andy!! we are very grateful of that support and we couldn't have done it without you!

Wedding Guest flowers...

So - you get a wedding invitation - you start to plan your outfit, book into the hairdressers on the day, get your nails done for the occasion - spray tan maybe? sort out the wedding present.... then think - ah - do I get a buttonhole?... but your dress is lacy, or really busy with colour and pattern.... the answer?  A Budz Wristlet!!

Pop in and see Helen - tell her what you are wearing...and she will do a lovely bespoke wristlet.... using a "snap on" wristlet - which adusts to your wrist easily, no pulling or tugging like the elastic ones..... designed just for you!! and then your partner/husband could have a single buttonhole to match!! Helen will even pin the man's buttonhole on!

This young lady is wearing red and black - so using ivory roses to lift the design but with little hints of red and black.... it will look lovely!!

Word of advice though ladies - remember to take off your wristlet when going to the toilet!!  otherwise you may come a bit unstuck!!

Wedding style!

Flowers for a wedding - can be as simple, or elaborate as you want them to be!

When we were booked to do Lily and Phil's wedding, Liz (mother of the Bride) came to us over 18 months before the big day - paid their booking fee and said - see you in 2017!  Well yesterday saw us busy with their wedding flowers!

Working with the Bride and her lovely Mum was really great - great to exchange ideas, suggestions, look at the dreaded pinterest but more importantly was going up with a unique and personally designed lot of wedding flowers!  As our Bride is called Lily.... yes, main feature were lovely ivory cala lilies.... with some apricot/peach and some blue!... simple elegant but different

At Budz we don't just do one style of wedding flowers.... we will adapt, work with different designs, flowers, tastes and budgets..... so the Bride gets a unique service from us.

What made our day yesterday - the Bride and her Mum loving their bouquets and flowers when we delivered them.... setting up at the venue making it look stunning and then we went to see them coming out of Church... and the Father of the Bride coming over to us straight away to say thank you! gave me a hug and shook Andys hand!! job well done!! 

One word to descibe the day?  HAPPY!

Here are some of my informal shots - as Lily and Phil had the services of S&J Walkden photography (good to see them keeping loyal to another local Adlington business) I'm sure more photos will come out which will make our flowers look even more stunning!! Happy Days!

ps - the couple had THE most fun and fab wedding cake we have ever seen!

Buttonholes & Wristlets

We often get asked for buttonholes and wristlets for people who are going to weddings as a guest!

Much discussion always takes place about what a lady may be wearing, so we can match it up to her outfit - and of course if it is buttonhole or a corsage to pin on (and then to consider the type of material the dress/jacket is) and if it will look right!

So wristlets are often decided upon, and colour matches made!!  We use the snap on wristlets, and from personal experience these are the best ones to wear!  They adjust no matter the size of your wrist, and are easy to put on and off (remember ladies, take them off when going to the toilet!).

Then mens buttonholes - rarely now do we do carnation buttonholes - its normally a rose and quite often a neutral slightly off white rose (one chap refused his wifes order of a pink rose to match his tie and I ended up doing another buttonhole for him in ivory!).

So - if you having a buttonhole - some rules:  Rule no.1: Wear the flowers going up - flowers grow up, as my Mum always used to say (the exception sometimes is if its a corsage for a lady and it needs to hang down more from the shoulder!).  Rule no 2: The buttonhole should be pinned on (not forced into the actual buttonhole of a jacket!) - pins are always provided here at Budz and Helen will even pin on for you if you are your way to a wedding (or on when wedding flowers are delivered!)..... Helen's best experience of this was having 6 ushers line up wearing boxer shorts and their jackets, whilst she pinned them on (instructions from Bride left for Groom - let Helen pin those buttonholes on!) Rule No 3: which side?  Ladies are always right!!!  or the other way to remember it - longest lapel! (bet you are working that out now aren't you?)  Rule No 4: Make sure you don't bash your buttonhole, or wristlet!  seat belts! hugs! drunken nights!!... Rule No 5: Enjoy the wedding and tell everyone you got your flowers from Budz!!

All our buttonholes and wristlets are made traditionally using wires and tape, all sealed in for freshness and security!  no glue here!  So let us create that lovely stunning flower accessory to attend that wedding!! and please - do order! although we can normally accommodate late requests for those of you who have literally just got your wedding invite (!) - its best to order to make sure we have exactly what you want and its ready and waiting for you having been made fresh on the day!

Budz Window Displays

Budz window displays always get great feedback!

For those of you who don't travel past our shop regularly - we keep changing them to show a bit of artistic flair, get the village talking and of course attracting attention to our business!

Our Carnival Window celebrated 45 years of Adlington Carnival - and paid tribute to two characters that we sadly lost recently.Alan Birtwistle - stalward of the village and Carnival, and Brian Parkinson - a dear dear friend of ours, business owner, and a well known and popular Adlington person - born and bred!

Since the carnival, we were trying to think of something different - and we have!!  Rivington and Adlington Band are a fabulous voluntary organisation which we sponsor, and their next event - Brass in the Meadow on Saturday 12th August - looks like a great event again!  We are selling tickets for the event in Budz, so thought we'd do a window display to reflect that!  The photos don't really do the window justice, so if you are in and around Adlington - come and take a look - window lights are normally on timer from around 8pmish too!  Enjoy!!


Budz Weddings - Great customer feedback!


And this goes for everything we do but especially our weddings!!

Janice and Steve Walkden run their own business a little like myself and Andy - they are photographers and over the years we have collaborated on weddings and other events, so we were honoured to be asked to do their daughters wedding flowers!  It was a case of - Helen put this date in your diary and we'll sort out a your booking fee! and that was over 18 months ago!

This last weekend saw their daughter Heather marry James at Rivington Hall Barn!  We did all their flowers - bridal bouquets, buttonholes, table arrangements, top table/ceremony table and thank you boxes!  The place looked stunning but more importantly - Heather and James were so happy with what we did for them!! "Helen I can't thank you enough for my wedding flowers" was Heathers words to me at the end of a great night!! (we were evening guests too which was lovely). Steve and Janice were delighted! but liked the extra touches... letting them have a sneak preview the night before and as a professional photographer, Steve took photos (as he has done for many of our Brides here in Budz), timing their deliveries to perfection, setting up at the venue, and even taking down early the next morning and re-arranging all the flowers for them from the venue!

I know lots more photos will be appearing soon - but here's a taster!! for more updates take a look at our Budzbyhelenjane facebook page as the professional shots start to appear!!

Budz talks and demo's

Last week saw Helen doing a talk and demonstration twice..... Helen does these throughout the year, often in the evenings, but last week saw Helen out for two afternoons.

Tuesday saw her at Preston Fellowship Group - lovely people there!! counted just over 50 - who got to know about Budz, how we set up, what we actually do and the warts and all of being a florist!!  two demonstration pieces that Helen did during her talk (she can multi task!) were then raffled off and the ladies were delighted to take them home!

The next afternoon saw Helen visit Euxton WI... complete with a heavy cold!!  so grateful of a microphone!! lovely feedback from that afternoon too!!

We are off again in July for another demo and even have them booked in for next year!

If you are member of a voluntary/charity group that has speakers - why not speak to us about Helen coming along??  she has been told she should be on the stage!


Someone asked us recently - when does your wedding season start? well here at Budz we're finding now, there is no season - it just rolls on......  So winter weddings are seen around much more these days, as are days of the week weddings.

When a Bride (and sometimes groom, mother, sister, bridesmaids etc etc) come to see us - we always remember their wedding is unique!... no one like it before, or after... and we treat each Bride that way - we don't have "packages" to choose from, nor set prices... lets face it wedding flowers can be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be BUT we all have to realistic.  We do experience champagne ideas and beer budgets... we can work with that but normally amending flower content and design.....  We do experience pinterest brides - who often show us what are silk flowers, or colour enhanced flowers, or spectacular flower displays which they want to achieve.. for about £25 each.... those are the things we can't meet.....

We also will not quote on email/facebook - when a bride is asking "how much?" but with no explanation of when the wedding is, how many of each, exact flower content, size..... we won't respond with prices - instead we would invite them in for a free wedding consultation.  This will normally be held at our shop but at a mutually convenient date and time (we can easily accommodate evenings or weekends in that).  It is important as as florist that we feel we can work well with a Bride and of course that the Bride has complete faith in us too!

We will normally be able to give you a wedding quote there and then at the consultation but it will be a summary amount based on our discussions - if you then decide to go wtih us and pay our booking fee, you will receive everything in writing from us, which we will use on the day of your wedding!  £100 booking fee secures your date and your quote, and is deducted from your final flower bill which should be settled no later than a month before your wedding *by BACS or cash payment.  Your booking fee is non-refundable should you cancel for any reason.

So remember - your wedding is unique, your flowers with Budz will be bespoke.  We aren't VAT registered so remember no VAT to go on top of any quote we give you and we will always see what we can do in terms of budget and meeting expectations.  Please also remember price comparisions with another florist doesn't always show the true aspects behind any price - quality, quantity, time of year, skills, expertise, knowledge, hours of preparation and work before, on the day and after the day!

All we can say is that the weddings we have done from Budz - brides have been delighted!!


Really great to welcome new Brides into Budz and for them to book their wedding flowers with us - into 2018 now!

Listening to the varied requests of Brides, it makes us really different that we don't just done one style of wedding..... but can adapt and change to whatever a Bride is looking for!! Sometimes though we just can't deliver on exact requirements... particularly around some availability of flowers due to seasons, but we can always come up with alternatives!

Those who have had their wedding flowers with us, become our friends and always remain loyal to Budz!  our first Bride that put her faith in us when we'd only been in Budz just 5 weeks comes back to see us regularly for flowers for all occasions!

We have just done 2 silk wedding flowers too!! one for a wedding at Kilhey Court but the other one for Florida!  We were discussing how far Budz flowers will travel, but this isn't the furthest we've done!! Perth in Australia still wins!! and here it is!!!

So - your wedding flowers are important! remember its the first thing that walks down the aisle!! and it may only be "for one day" but its on your wedding photographs for ever!!

Make your wedding flowers something special - by coming to Budz!!



WOW!! Our 6th Mothering Sunday weekend and our best ever!

Thank you to everyone who stayed loyal to us and kept us really busy!!  Friday, Saturday and Sunday were our busiest days, but thanks to lots of people ordering in advance as well, it was our busiest peak period!

Budzy was out throughout the whole weekend and we called on our "Best Man" Mark to help us on the Sunday which meant that by 12.30 - everyone had got their flowers!!  We were also called life savers and angels thanks to helping some last minute orders on the Sunday too!!  And we were open as well for those passing or last minute orders.... and yes we sold out!

We had some great feedback during the weekend and it contineus with calls to say thank you and that their Mums were thrilled with their flowers.  We also seemed to build some bridges amongst families too, so the Budz magic was working!

So thank you again to all of those who stayed loyal to us! We really do appreciate it! Helen & Andy

Funeral Flowers

We do a lot of funeral flowers from Budz, and always get such lovely feedback from our customers.

We don't contract with any of the Funeral Directors, as we are conscious that they charge their customers sometimes a pretty hefty commission although we do have good relationships with them all.  When you order your funeral flowers with us here at Budz, we provide our usual great personal service, discuss what it is you want for your loved one and arrange delivery normally to the Funeral Directors in plenty of time on the day.  All your money then goes on your loved ones flowers.

I am sharing one of our latest funeral flowers with you, as the family kindly gave us permission to use the photos.  This was for a lovely chap, and they wanted vibrant autumnal colours but with some spring flowers included and also a lovely all white posy.



Whilst we are left exhausted, what a great peak period for us, with our lovely customers purchasing quality flowers from us, for their loved ones!

It also kept us really entertained wtih the stories the men told us... lets hope all their dreams came true!!

Our roses this year were again stunning... the luxury ones - wow!! and our value range as well, gorgeous!!This was the scene yesterday in the shop when our friend Steve popped in with his camera (S&J Walken Photography) and captured our ready to goes we'd got in the shop... it was a very different picture at the end of the day! Budzy was certainly busy being here there and everywhere..... and he didn't stop from 8am until 6.15pm (that was a late requested delivery!)

Thank you also to everyone who supported us in our "Floral Sex" window - we had our fun, we stopped traffic, we got in the local paper, and if we did offend, then we really didn't intend to!! Its hard running your own business in Adlington, and especially being a florist... so yes, we will do something different, that makes us stand out in the crowd!!

So thank you to everyone who came and made a purchase here at Budz - large or small..... we stand by our mantra of "Quality flowers, fab designs, value for money and a personal service"... always!!  Helen & Andy xx

Valentines Day is just around the corner....

We were talking to some friends of ours at the weekend about our next peak - Valentines Day and having a discussion about prices, quality, and what everyone really wanted at Valentines Day.

A few years ago - we put together this and we've just put it on our Facebook page again.....

Its worth a read, and your loved one is worth far more than a supermarket rose.....  Our prices ARE competitive.... our quality is second to none.... our designs, fabulous and its a personal service every time with deliveries carried out by Andy in Budzy!!  last year = one complaint... that they lasted too long! and that her husband hadn't been back into buy her any more Budz flowers!!!  our record reported last year "my roses lasted 4 weeks!".....

We are open throughout this weekend - Saturday until 3pm; Sunday 10.30 until 1 (although may be later); Monday 8am until 7pm (although may be later) and Tuesday 14th 8am until 6pm.  Deliveries being undertaken the whole time!

Happy Valentines Day! 2017!

Valentines Day 2017!

Just over 2 weeks until Valentines Day and already the orders are coming in, some from our regular customers who love our flowers.... and particularly one who has had our roses at Valentines Day every year since we came into Budz.. because his wife LOVES them!

Our window display has certainly been "eye catching" this year..... which is what we want to achieve, along with a huge sense of humour!  It has been done totally in jest! Thanks everyone for their comments!

So remember.....



After such a busy Christmas, and doing orders in between it doesn't seem like 2 minutes we finally closed on Christmas Eve at 3pm!!!  We were really busy at Christmas with great feedback on our flowers, deliveries and collections!! Thank you to all who stayed loyal to us!

We are back in today doing a large funeral for tomorrow, and a very different tribute..... we will be able to share photos after tomorrow on our facebook page.

We have lovely fresh flowers in direct from Holland to start us off for the new year, and will be taking down Christmas in the shop, so a few more days spent going home covered in glitter..... we will also be changing our window display, and starting to plan our next one!!

So although we're into the New Year, don't forget those flowers just to say I love you....I'm sorry... or just - let me cheer you up!!


Helen & Andy

Christmas lines being added!!

We have just been updating our website to showcase our Christmas designs.... why not pop along and take a look!


We will be delivering throughout the run up to Christmas including Christmas Eve when Budzy will be out delivering our quality flowers!  place your order on line, ring us at the shop or pop in and have a look!!

We will be posting regularly on our facebook page too, so do keep an eye out for us! and share amongst your friends!!

Fresh flower designs are our speciality, however we're introducing some great artificial items this year, including some artificial wreaths and grave pots... these are available now and whilst stocks last!  Hope to see you soon! Helen & Andy

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!... 2016!!!

So with less than 6 weeks until Christmas - our Christmas window display is in!!!  Lots of lovely comments already!

We are also putting out our christmas stock - lots of lovely little present ideas... christmas plates, candles, salt & pepper pots, christmas arrangements and door wreaths!  Our fresh door wreaths will be available late November, but we've also been making up our own artificial door wreaths - at just £19.50!!!  bespoke, no one else will have one and lovely quality too!! Come and browse, or even order and give us your colour scheme!!  Our grave pots will also be available soon.... so watch this space!

We are taking orders for Christmas too - our boxes which are our most popular products will be available for collection and delivery - starting at just £25!  We will be delivering right up to and including Christmas Eve too - so for that special person in your life, how about some lovely Budz flowers for Christmas - delivered in Budzy!!!

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Our 5th Birthday!!


On 23rd September 2011, we took on the premises at Church Street, and had our first days trade!!!

What a five years its been - some lows...particularly the roadworks over the last 3 years and a Council not understanding our plight but telling us it was an "inconvenience".... yes some people that have set out to do us down, call us unnecessarily, and generally make our life hell.. thanks to those people!! you know who you are!!! but then the HIGHS - far too many to mention, but particular highlights include winning an Enterprise Vision Award for a small business, just 12 months in!! Being accredited to the Good Florist Guide, but above all, its our customers who have made it all worth while!! Staying loyal to us, promoting us, increasing our reputation, our Brides who remain customers and always recommend, those people who we have been to see us to organise funeral flowers, then took the time out to say thank you.....

Andy and I are so proud of what we've achieved!! in a climate of economic change, recession, financial pressures for everyone - we've survived and thrived!!! despite what everyone and everything has thrown against us!!

SO THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHO USE OUR SERVICES, WHO WE COUNT AS OUR REGULAR CUSTOMERS AND OUR FRIENDS.....  Budz by Helen Jane is here to stay!!! a nice long lease is secured here, and let us introduce to you......BUDZY!!!

See if you can spot him out and about!!!  not just Andy driving this one either, I drive this one too!!!  We love the signwriting on it too, designed and carried out by Nick Williams of Fairview Signs in Adlington!! classy and smart job!!!

So - see if you can spot Budzy!!

Budz in the Good Florist Guide!

Great news for our business - we are in the accredited Good Florist Guide!

Budz by Helen Jane, has been accepted into the exclusive Good Florist Guide, the gold standard of floristry and only merit-based guide to the finest florists in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The so-called ‘little black book’ of British and Irish florists awarded the prestigious accolade to Budz by Helen Jane last week.   Andy and Helen are absolutely delighted with this good news!

Each florist shop or freelance florist invited to be in the guide undergoes a rigorous evaluation process before being approved.   Budz by Helen Jane submitted a detailed description of their floristry business, including range available and services offered as well as images of their business premises, their design work, their team and even the delivery vehicle! Good Florist Guide businesses are vetted to ensure its members provide not just gorgeous designs, but also best value when buying bespoke floristry and flowers.

Commenting on their success Helen & Andy - ‘We are delighted to be accepted into the Good Florist Guide. We are passionate about flowers, design, quality and the service we give to each of our customers so it is wonderful to have this recognised.  We are approaching 5 years being in business together and are really proud of all that we have achieved, despite everything we have been through!"

What’s special about our business?  It has to be our mantra - Great Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value for Money and a Personal Service!!  We do flowers for all occasions - weddings, funerals, corporate events, gift flowers...... and every customer will receive a great service!

Caroline Marshall-Foster, Chief Editor of floristry’s industry bible The Florist magazine, and Executive Director of the Good Florist Guide set up the guide as a way to ensure customers always receive top quality floristry from businesses that value excellent customer service. Industry insiders describe it as the ‘little black book’ of British and Irish florists.

Caroline said, "You can buy flowers virtually anywhere these days. But nothing really beats the experience of receiving fabulous flowers from a truly bespoke florist and without it costing an arm or a leg. The Good Florist Guide is my way of sharing all that is good about floristry. It allows consumers to know that the florist they use is able and willing to go the extra mile and make all their purchases, big or small, truly special."

23rd June - memorable day for Budz.....

... and no it has nothing to do with the EU Referendum!!

Andy and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary - by taking the day off!! a pretty unique event for us here at Budz by Helen Jane.

We had a lovely day off together, followed by a meal at our favourite restaurant last night!

One of our customers popped in with an anniversary card on Tuesday, which was a lovely thought - but made even lovelier when we opened it - as she had made this herself especially for us!!!  We were made up with it! so thank you Shirley Holman! Helen & Andy aka Mr & Mrs Budz!

Take a look at it on our Facebook page - oh and if you haven't put a like on Budz by Helen Jane - just click on!


June already!

Where on earth has this year gone?  June already!!!

Andy is busy providing the local people of Adlington with gardening services!!!  brews and chocolate biscuits being offered at one house!!! they spoil him! Great feedback on the work he's doing, for regulars and new customers this year!!

I met up with future Bride and Groom Rachael and Steven this morning to finalise their wedding flowers!!  will be lovely!!!

This made me think of a picture I have taken of me and my two friends during one long hot summer, of us playing "Brides"..... this is me in the middle along with Karen on the right, and Louise on the left.  Louise gave me this picture framed, on mine and Andys wedding day with a note saying "two down, one to go"..... as I was the 2nd one of the 3 at the time to be a real Bride!!  Happy Memories, stirred by the fact, that when Rachael's Mum and Dad got married, my Mum did their wedding flowers!

Have a lovely weekend! Helen x

The sun has got his hat on.....

...hip hip hip hoorayyyyyy, the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play!!!

Talking of playing - we've just launched instagram!!  been a bit beyond me to be very honest, but great for uploading photos straight away..... so today we're featuring our lovely sun flowers!! Andy always laughs at me when I say they are a flower with a smiley face!! but they are!!

So snapped on instagram on an order going out today.......


Enjoy! Helen x

Budz Gardening Services - Adlington

Andy has started the Budz local gardening service again this year, returning to his many regulars and new clients as well!

Gardens are being tidied, weeding, cutting back on some plants and bushes (ensuring not damaged) and lawns being treated, mowed and maintained.

A lot of gardens suffer during the winter months from a build up of moss, leading to patchy lawns (I know ours has) so Andy can treat, and reseed lawns - but remember miracles don't happen over night!! The reseeding process needs two things - moisture (ok we've had rain) but also warmer temperatures (7-8 degrees at least) and these last few weeks have seen late spring frosts, hail, snow and cold winds!!  So lawn treatments may take longer... and of course it all depends on the soil underneath too!!! 

Andy is keeping to mainly Adlington this year, so that we can balance his time in Budz running the shop and his deliveries!!

If you think you, or someone might benefit from having a Handy Andy - just give us a call - reasonable rates, and fully insured - and a hard worker!  01257 475100

A fitting tribute.....

... for an avid Blackburn Rovers fan.

When these funeral flowers were ordered, this mans wife and mum had just one request - Blackburn Rovers football.  These were the only flowers at the funeral and were much admired by all there...Always an honour to be asked to do funeral flowers.  RIP xxx

WOW - a great mothers day at Budz!

Thank you to all our customers for coming to Budz for their flowers this last week - we've spread the love, heard some great stories and met some lovely people!!  We were open right up until 2pm on Mothering Sunday, lots of deliveries and collects!!  We have delivered flowers to lots of Mums, special people who mean a lot on Mothering Sunday and even to Mums from their doggies!

The independent florist has been well supported.... Budz is renowned for Great Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value for Money and a Personal Service!! 


MOTHERING SUNDAY - is really early this year!! so don't let it catch you unawares!!!

Mum's are special (and both Andy and I know that, as our Mums are sadly no longer with us).... so surely she is worth far more than supermarket flowers (which have literally been frozen for weeks already before they are sent out to stores!).

Our flowers are quality - ordered direct from Holland then into our shop, where we condition them which takes time! to ensure they are in the best possible state before we do anything with them!!!

Our box arrangements as ever remain popular starting at £35, we are also doing some small box arrangements for £25 this year (trial in the shop recently proved they are a hit!)- all arranged in oasis which you don't get much these day!!  So a lovely arrangement that they just need to water and keep cool (not near fires, radiators or in red hot in the day/cold at night conservatories!)

We are also doing a range available in the shop only of small gift flowers starting at just £5 for that something that little bit different!  they are all bespoke, not one the same..... so again for something that little bit different!

We will be open all day Friday 4th, all day Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th - 8am until 2pm.  We are taking orders now for collect or delivery.  We will have more vehicles on the road on Sunday 6th to ensure your mum or the person who is special to you on Mothering Sunday gets their lovely flowers personally delivered by the Budz team!!

You can order on line, and if you order before 29th February (online only) entering MD2016 code at the checkout you can get £5 off your order!

So, make sure you Mum gets Budz flowers for Mothering Sunday!!  We will also be doing a number of arrangements for the grave too, but please do order these before hand..... our final delivery on Mothering Sunday is always to my Mum's grave... who started me on the path to being a florist all those years ago.

Take care! Helen & Andyxx

Wedding flowers....

..... are so important to get right.... so trust us....

The dawn of the "DIY bride I'm doing my own wedding flowers its far cheaper" is upon us.  I came across this article recently and thought I would share. The amount of time I spend with a bride can be anything from half an hour, to hours.... just to make sure that her fresh wedding flowers are perfect.

The Bride may well spend thousands on her dress... but then look to get "the cheapest wedding flowers possible"... but do you know what goes down the aisle first on her wedding day - not her designer dress, shoes, makeup, hair, nails.... but her flowers!!  Remember as well - your flowers need to look spot on for you wedding photos!! you will be looking at them for many years to come, long after they have died!

So once the flowers have been decided upon, and the designs and the price agreed (and this can be months if not years in advance) it doesn't just stop there.  Revising amounts (I've sacked a bridesmaid, Uncle James isn't coming now to we've had to change the date!) can take place several times in the run up to a wedding, then 4 weeks before the Bride needs to pay (BACS or cash) and then its over to us.

So next is sourcing the flowers - freshest, specific for the wedding and in the estimated quantities I need (which I'll have spent a fair amount of time working out and sourcing in advance)- to ensure the finest blooms I may well have to order more than I actually need (to ensure I can pick the best), nerves can be edge here if something really specific is needed, including contacting the grower, and getting any sundries I need.

The flowers are ordered and are collected by Andy from our dutch supplier a few days before, this is so we can condition and prepare them - this involves stripping each flowers, cutting, putting in clean water and checking the quality.  The day before (or 2 days before depending on the size of the wedding, and whether or not flowers will have a water source) begins my preparation.  All done with military planning to ensure nothing is missed, designs are as agreed and flower content as agreed.

Buttonholes or anything wired has to be done last, as the flowers will have a limited water source, so this can often involved very late nights or very early mornings (the weather can play havoc with planning) too warm and our workroom/cellar comes in handy... too cold and we move them upstairs in the shop!!!

So then it comes to delivery - this could be to the brides house (or mums) grooms house (or mums) or the venue. We also offer the pinning on service of buttonholes and corsages - this is really welcomed by the wedding party, so before I leave them I make sure everyone is happy with their buttonholes.  Delivery to the Bride is the best part of the job, often I've got to know the bride so making sure they are happy with their flowers, and also importantly how to hold them is a service I provide. Often then we are onto the venue or church *unless they have been done the night before by us, which can be the case. 

At the church, this often involves liaising with the church people and working out where everything is going, and where the vicar is happy where we are placing them.  Sometimes we return to the church and move flowers, but we've always ensure the church know we're doing this, and what we are leaving and what we are taking with us.

The venue, we can't go too early to a venue as they may not have set up the tables or even the room and to ensure we are happy with what is where and what we've agreed with the Bride, this can be another journey.

So we leave everyone to have a fabulous day - but often that's not where it finishes.  Early the next morning (as often venues have another wedding on that day) we return to the venue, sometimes leaving the flowers for the bride to take away, remove anything she's hired from us (mirrors, vases, pedestal stands etc).  Often if the bride has had pedestals with us I will take these to pieces the day after and leave her with several bouquets of flowers.  Then we can get back to the shop and take all the hired articles to pieces (candleabras we need to clean and get rid of all the wax!).

So the next time you hear that as florists we cream it for weddings - no we don't - we provide a great service, fresh quality flowers, and a personal service in the run up to your wedding, on the day and after.  We get great feedback from those Brides who choose to place their trust in us for their wedding flowers and they return to us as customers (and bring in photos we can use!)......

It is always me that you will deal with from start to finish, so you work closely with me to ensure that what we agree is what I provide on the day, and it will be Andy sourcing your flowers, and co-ordinating deliveries and set up.  We don't have staff, so we don't pay additional wages which you would pay for somewhere else, that is why the cost of your flowers with Budz is so reasonable.

We are not VAT registered so not hidden 20% oncosts, we work hard and consciously to ensure that your wedding day flowers are spot on!!!

So next time you hear of someone say, I can easy do my own wedding flowers.... you get what you pay for!

Helen x


Spreading the love.....

with Budz flowers!

Thank you to all our lovely customers for staying loyal to Budz by Helen Jane, despite all the roadworks around our shop this last week, we got there, and so did you - our loyal customer base!

Enjoy your roses - remember, not too cold, and not too hot, and make sure they have plenty of water!!

The Budzmobiile was out and about throughout the weekend making deliveries!!

Thanks again, Helen & Andy - here's to our next peak time of Mothers Day - only 3 weeks to go!! (6th March!)

Valentines' Day at Budz

........... well more like Valentines' Weekend at Budz...........

Sunday 14th February 

We have launched our Valentines range and our chosen rose this year, again - is Freedom!! beautiful rose, long lasting and stunning in our box arrangements.  Last year we had a lady saying her roses had lasted 3 and half weeks!!

We are also doing bouquets in bags, boxes, handtieds and single red roses.....

You can order online, by giving us a ring or popping into the shop.

We will be open all day Friday 12th, all day Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th - 8am until 1pm and we will be delivering throughout those times.  Order now to avoid disappointment, we will have ready to goes available in the shop but over the weekend will be available subject to availability.......

It's Magic!!! Budz supports local Magician!

One of our regular customers and friends is a Magician!!!  yes honestly!!  I think I'm a magician sometimes russling up flowers, but John is the real deal!!!

He is great for children's parties - in face Johno is village famous and is a great source of entertainment!!

Then - if you are planning a party, or a wedding- why not have John circulating with some close up magic?  I love close up magic (probably more so than the sawing folks in half and doves appearing sort).... John is facinating and can be a great way to "fill the gap" at weddings whilst photos are being taken, or rooms are being moved.... or circulating your party or event.... give John a shout- his prices are really reasonable too!

If you ring him at all to book him - mention Budz!!

Helen @ Budz x

BUDZ flowers - will travel!!

We are known for doing wedding flowers far and wide, but this is our furthest yet!!  Perth, Australia!!

When Allison and Steve decided to get married in Oz in between Christmas and New Year; then have a wedding reception in Newcastle end of January they contact us about flowers! I used to work with Allison in my HR days, when she was my HR Officer based in Newcastle and we'd kept in touch.  So Allison and Steve came down in the summer to mainly talk about fresh flowers for their wedding reception (which we are invited to) but in conversation, Allison was saying no Australian florist would touch them due to when they were getting married, so she'd have to look for something else!! So we offered to do her silk flowers, which she would then take in her hand luggage!!

Now Allison and Steve are avid Newcastle supporters and season ticket holders - so their colour choice?  well it just had to be black and white didn't it??? So I set to designing their bouquets, which they picked up early in December and took with them!!

Monday 28th Dec, down under, they got married!!!  fabulous pictures have been shared by their professional photographer Amanda Ogilvy in Oz, but before we handed over their flowers, we got our good friend Steve Walkden, of S&J Walkden Photographers to take some special professional shots!!

Allison and Steve - many congratulations, looks like you had a ball!!!  See you end of January for your NE celebrations!!! Helen & Andy xx

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!


2015 has been quite a year for our business! thanks to everyone who has stayed loyal to us, the families we have helped through sad times, the Brides through lovely happy wedding days and to each and every customer who has chosen to send Budz flowers or come into our shop!!  Road closures throughout the village have hampered our business for the last 18 months, so its been made doubly difficult for us as a small business!

Budz continues though, despite it all, and we still love our jobs!

We are open until mid afternoon Christmas Eve with ready to go bouquets and boxes made up.... for those last minute quality gifts or just something to cheer yourself up this Christmas!  Either pop in or give us a ring.  We are delivering right up until lunchtime Christmas Eve and still have delivery slots available.

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!! Back in on Monday 4th January 2016, so that we can recharge our batteries and have some quality family time and see the friends we've neglected for a while!!

Take care, Love Helen & Andy xx

Take a look at Budz at Christmas!

We regularly update our facebook page, and today we've loaded lots of photos of Christmas at Budz!

Please do support your local florist - bespoke items all at great prices!  For something that bit different, pop in and have a look around!!

What you see has all been made by Andy or myself! no ready mades here!!!

Remember we are taking orders right up until lunchtime on Christmas Eve!!  avoid disappointment by placing your order - either online, in person or by telephone!!


Ho! Ho! Ho! Budz Christmas!

Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

Yes its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!  We have some really inexpensive little add ons - candles, salt and pepper sets, christmas mugs and other bits of pieces - all under £5- why not pop into the shop and have a look?

We also have a range of holly pots, and grave wreaths, and from tomorrow onwards will have a selection of bespoke door wreaths - which you can come and choose, or order something really specific. These are all made from scratch by us and individual... you wont find that in supermarkets! nor our prices which are great value!

Why not pop down to Budz and take a look - and you could place an order for delivery Christmas week too!  for that person who is so hard to buy for at Christmas!! we are delivering right up until lunchtime Christmas Eve!!

Here are some pictures of our shop this morning which may well wet your appetite to pop in and see us!!  See you soon!! ho ho ho!!!

Carl & Pippa's November wedding

Last Saturday saw the wedding of Carl and Pippa at Salmesbury Hall.  Thankfully the dreadful weather of last week turned for the better on Saturday, and although cold and crisp - nice and dry!!  The wedding venue is scrumptious and they had our lovely candleabras dressed with pale pink and ivory roses and a hint of gypsy....  Lovely setting for a lovely couple!

Our last "planned wedding" of the year!  You never know we may well end up doing another wedding before Christmas - like last year 23rd December- and I had half an hours notice that they wanted flowers to take to Gretna Green that afternoon!! So last minute weddings catered for!

Check out our photos of the day on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1066638873381182.1073741904.252577318120679&type=3


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

.... particularly in Budz by Helen Jane!

Have you seen our Christmas Window display??  we're getting such lovely comments from customers and those going past the shop and also on facebook (as we published some pictures the other day, in the wind and the rain at the time!)

We will be open until lunchtime on Thursday 24th December (Christmas Eve) and will also be doing deliveries right up to that point too! Please do order your flowers in plenty of time to avoid disappointment, as we've two delivery drivers this year on the go!

Here's some pictures of our window, just in case you don't go past very often, but also do have a look if you are passing and of course pop in and order your flowers!!  We are doing a wide range of bouquets, boxes and table decorations again this year too!

Remembrance Window

Our Remembrance Window display is in!

We get lots of great comments about our window displays, and often from our facebook likers who may not live around here!!  We have kept it really simple yet striking this year!! Hope you like it!!

Lest We Forget x

November in Budz

Wow - November already!!! where is this year going??

Our Halloween Window in October went down a storm with the people of Adlington and our customers! so its time for a change today.

We will be putting in our Remembrance Window for the early part of November, which we hope you like!! Photos of the window never do it justice as during the day we get lots of reflection off the glass, however I will look to get some pictures onto our facebook page once its gone dark and the lights are on.

October Weddings!

Budz has seen a busy September and October in the shop, and this weekend we took on two large weddings as well, which required military precision planning, fabulous flowers, and creativity, as the weddings were totally different!!!

Susan came to us back in November last year, and booked her wedding flowers with us - not just bridal, but Church and venue.  All pinks, and creams..... you can see more on our facebook pages, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1047649358613467.1073741900.252577318120679&type=3

Then Donna came along.... all reds, oranges and some ivory... rich autumnal colours.  Again you can find more on our facebook page, but how happy do Donna and Gary look on this photograph?

Both Brides were highly delighted with their flowers and the service we provided!!  The quality of the flowers were outstanding, and I just loved being creative in different ways!!!  It was great to work with both of them!!!

Congratulations Susan and Stuart (Mr and Mrs Brown) and Donna and Gary (Mr & Mrs Fairclough!)

Helen x

Hello October!!!

Can someone tell me where on earth September went??

You also know that it is 13 weeks to Christmas Eve today!!!!  We will be open until mid day on Christmas Eve, so make sure you've ordered your christmas gifts and flowers!!  Deliveries will be taking place on Christmas Eve, but limited slots!!!

So lets stay with the current season, yes autumn.  We've being doing lots of autumnal boxes, handtieds and arrangements these last few weeks, and we have noticed now the trees across the road from the shop turning a lovely bronze/golden colour... and yes this morning a touch of frost!! brrrrrrr!!!

Maybe brighten up your day with some Budz flowers? or maybe you are looking for a gift for someone?  Remember our mantra: Great Flowers, Fabulous Designs,  Value for Money and a Personal Service!!

Hello October!

Fourth Birthday for Budz!!

A Happy Birthday to Budz by Helen Jane!!

Four years ago we got the keys to our shop and set up Budz by Helen Jane!  Taking a leap into our own business, working together, and building up our own business!  Some people thought we were brave/mad/stupid/off our heads.... others thought - good on them, good luck and lets support a local business!  Living and working in the same community can be a challenge, but also a good thing too!

Our window displays continue to be the talk of the village! demonstrating our creativity.  Customers come back to us time and again, we get lots of recommendations, great comments, amazing feedback all contributing to the success of Budz and four year as a small business is a huge achievement!

The last 12 months have been particularly tough with the network rail works closing several roads, making us more difficult to get to, or in the middle of traffic jams!  Thank you to all those who have stayed loyal to us during that pretty stressful and worrying time!!

Our Gardening Service has grown thanks to Andy's hard work and personal recommendations to others, so he will be continuing with this until the end of this season and starting up again in 2016!  Any winter garden tidy ups needed... then give us a ring! 01257 475100


We love what we do, help us to continue to build up our business!! spread the word, and support us a local couple with a local business!!

Thanks! Helen & Andy

Our Shop Window for September

Our shop window is the view commuters, customers, residents and friends know us by..... and are always on the look out for what we are doing, and when we change it!!

We even have a little girl who makes her Grandma bring her down to the shop every time we change it so she can take a look!!

It not only helps us showcase our creativity (and its Andy who also gets really involved in designs, especially as a former engineer!!) but it also helps us get noticed and raise the profile of Budz and the community aspect of our business.

We live and work in the village (the village I was brought up in) so we know working in the Community is a privilage!!

I am also a member of the  Womens Institute at Heath Charnock and over the summer, Caroline, who is our President, gave us the idea of a shop window display, to help mark the WI's 100th Year!!  We've had great feedback on the window, we've had to have leaflets printed so we can give out to customers enquiring about the Heath Charnock branch, and this week we have a feature in the local paper- the Chorley Guardian.

Photos of the window (for those not near our shop) can be found on our facebook page, but here's the article from the Chorley Guardian today!

Enjoy! Helen x

A Sad week in Budz.....

Last week saw us sad... we had a funeral every day last week, and whilst it is a honour to be asked to do funeral flowers, when it is people that you knew, and knew well, it can be heart wrenching.

Tuesday saw us saying goodbye to Mary Cooper.  Loving wife of Rev Roger Cooper, formerly of Blackrod Church, who almost 10 years ago married Andy and I.  Mary on our wedding day was the verger and "poofed" up my dress just before I walked down the aisle to Andy.  A lovely lady who I'd known for over 20 years.  We also had the honour of doing her daughters wedding flowers, and she was a very proud Mother Of The Bride.  Was lovely to have known Mary x

Wednesday saw us saying goodbye again to our long known and loved friend Freema Taylor.  Freema was a friend of my mums for many years, and also mine.  She became a great supporter of Budz, even helping out on big weddings (especially those whose bouquets were wired) and would be seen downstairs in our workroom talking many a time to the rose and orchids - awkward little buggers as she told them!  Freema will be sadly missed by many, particularly by Andy and myself.  We did all Freemas funeral flowers, and the one posted here is the one I created from Andy and myself.  Freema - we were proud to call you our friend.  Rest In Peace xxxx


5 Reasons To Send Budz Flowers

I was thinking the other day of all the many occasions flowers are sent for... far too many to list, so I thought I'd start with 5 reasons to send Budz Flowers ........

1. To say I'm sorry...... "I need some flowers to say I'm sorry" is often what we hear here in Budz and dare I say it, it is very often men... who look very relieved when they walk in and spot a man (Andy)...

2. To say hello....... I am off for lunch with a friend who I haven't seen in ages, so thought I'd take her some flowers (very envious of folks who have time to have lunch, let alone go out for it.. maybe one day!)

3. To say smile.... often to cheer someone up, who has been having a rough time...." I'd like to see a little glimmer of a smile and your flowers will do that I am sure"....

4. To say Congratulations!  .... for many reasons..... birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, exam results......

5. To say I care.... let our flowers speak for themselves.......

So there you go.... just 5 reasons to send Budz flowers - remember Great Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value For Money and a Personal Service xxxxxx

Summer in Budz

These last few weeks have seen us provide lots of teacher thank you's - all very different from bouquets to arrangements... putting the smile on lots of faces!!  Also proms have been popular this year too!  Our wedding window is being looked at by those in cars passing by and those walking past... and no we are not going to be the next post office!! nor can you use them outside a house!  our post boxes are for hiring at events and weddings only!

Andy's gardening is going well, with great reviews from his current regular customer base, and even more asking him to pop along and sort out their gardens, tubs and driveways!!  So a busy time for Budz!

Thanks to those who have stayed loyal to us throughout the nightmare that has been Network Rail shutting off roads! although there has been some more roadwork disruption by Electricity NW it has thankfully been kept to a minimum and you can still part outside our shop!!

Lovely fresh flowers come to our shop, as and when we need them, we aren't one of those florists who only get deliveries in on the same days each week, but we have access to fabulous fresh flowers daily!!  Our sunflowers have been particularly popular this summer, as they are huge, and have lovely smiley faces on them!!

Talking of Sunflowers... our fabulous wedding this time last year!! Happy Anniversary - Erika and Andrew!!!!

Funeral flowers

With the kind permission of our customers I am sharing some funeral pieces we did for a young lad whose funeral took place last week.  A shining star taken far too soon.  RIP

Rivington & Adlington Brass Band

Budz by Helen Jane are proud to announce that they are to be offical supporters of Adlington & Rivington Brass Band!

This certainly brightened up a cold and wet Monday (22nd June!!).  We went along to their Proms in the Meadow event on Saturday night which was held in the field behind the Bay Horse Pub... a brilliant community and social event, which will have hopefully raised funds for this talented group (and lovely people) of musicians!!  Here's to the next event!!

Another Budz wedding!

Budz was full of lovely rose scents this weekend.... as we worked to complete Karen & Steves wedding flower order!!  lovely fondant colours, mixed with gypsy..... scrummy, and yes they loved them!

Always an honour to be asked to do wedding flowers and a lot of time and preparation goes into making sure our flowers are in excellent condition, before Helen starts to create her budz magic!!

Check out our facebook album!!  lovely photos uploaded....



Don't forget our Gardening Services!

Andy has been out and about Adlington and Horwich this week, tidying gardens, mowing lawns, hedge trimming etc..... if you want a regular gardener, or maybe a one off tidy up and clean up, then give him a shout at the shop!  Local service and competitive rates! 01257 475100 (and it keeps him out of mischief!)

Great Customer Feedback - again!

Well a very Happy 1st June!!! wow, where is this year going????

We get regular customer feedback, which is fabulous, but probably don't shout loud enough about it..... so this is just a brief summary of the last few days.

Last week whilst walking the dog, bumped into a lady walking her dog we got talking, then we realised we'd met before.... I had to sad job of doing her sons funeral flowers back in January.  After a lovely talk about how things were now, she said "I'll never ever forget your kindness and the stunning flowers you did for us.  You may say its your job, but I can tell that its done with love and care always"... and gave me a hug.  I was pretty choked up about it I can tell you, but how lovely.

Then last Friday morning a lady came in our shop - her daughter was getting married, in less than 24 hours... she wasn't going to have a bouquet, but had then changed her mind.  Quick trip to the wholesaler and less than 24 hours a bridal bouquet was collected from us!! Here's the picture:

Then this morning, we came into the shop to find a card at the back of the door, from some lovely customers who live in Holland.  Jo and Hans regularly ring us to send flowers to their sister who lives in Adlington... we have a lovely chat each time, and its often a last minute order and I've been known to pop to the shops and get some lovely little add ons to accompany her flowers!...... lovely that Jo and Hans took the time out to visit whilst over in the UK, just sorry we missed them on Saturday!! 

So - a Happy 1st June!!!  Here's to a busy week in Sunny Adlington!! remember you can order on-line 24/7, order by phone up to 9pm each night, or of course pop into the shop on Church Street, Adlington!!  Support your local independent florists - Quality Flowers, Fabulous Designs, Value for Money and a Personal Service... every time!

Helen & Andy xx

Our On-Line Website is One Year Old

So it is one year since we launched our on-line website and within hours of going live we received our first on-line order!

Since then our website has been another "window" for Budz, so besides the window displays we do in our brick & mortar shop on Church Street, Adlington - we have a florist window to the world!!  We get orders via our website at all times of the day and night, making us available 24/7.  We get many customers from abroad, national UK orders and local orders - those who just like the convenience of ordering on-line, entering their payment details securely and knowing they get a Budz personal service for the date they are ordered for.

We get great feedback on our site, and not just by those customers who pay on-line but those who see our website and then pick up the phone and speak to us, and order their flowers over the phone.  Those customers may just prefer to speak to us, check stock availability or ask us for something that bit different, often inspired by our on-line range.

Safe to say, our website is a success - thanks to all those who have supported us, and continue to support us!!  Keeping the independent florist thriving, and remember as well, we have a network of other florists we can contact if you wanted to order flowers not in our area!

We keep our website up to date, change our picture gallery, online products and of course keep our news page active - along with our facebook page!  I'll leave you with a few pictures of our recent work! and thanks again!

"They're Beautiful"... our Bride today

Many congratulations to Deborah and Ian who got married today!!!  Lovely colours, for that something that bit different!!!

We made a Bride cry..... in good way!!!

Getting married is a huge thing to do, lots of planning, preparation for a great day..... Zoe came to us back in January to talk about her wedding flowers, having been recommended by a friend and booked us straight away!

Flower colours changed over the next month, but not a problem for us to sort... in fact I think the flower choice change sort of made it.....

A lovely vintage feel for this one... and yes, we made Zoe cry... but thankfully in a good way, and we got a huge and a thank you!!  Zoe will share some wedding photos with us when she's back from honeymoon... but here's a taster for now!

Spring flowers for a lovely lady

Getting funeral flowers just right... just one of our specialities.  All our funeral flowers are bespoke, discussed in terms of flower preference, colours, style, and price.

We are honoured to be asked to do funeral flowers, and when our lovely customer came in to discuss her mums funeral flowers, she wanted bright, spring and sunny sorts of flowers.  We also provided a mixture of spring flowers for each person who was at the funeral to place a flower before the end of the service, on the coffin.  What a lovely touch.

The photos really do not do the arrangement justice, it was really sunny in the shop yesterday morning - and the smell from them was pretty amazing (and I am normally immune to the smell of flowers these days).  We had a lovely thank you from the family this morning, and that they were very much admired yesterday. RIP Dorothy xxx

Labour keeping it local!! Budz!

Good to see our current Chorley Councillor June Molyneaux keeping it local in ordering silk red rose buttonholes for the Chorley Labour Group to wear in the approach to our local and general elections!!  We hope to see them on TV sporting Budz buttonholes!! and that includes our current MP L Hoyle!!

A Walk Down Memory Lane


Adlington has a great fb page for reminising with old photos etc, and I recently put this picture on of my Mum and who I thought was her friend Lucille - but it turned out not to be Lucille but a lovely lady called Hilary Tomlinson (nee Halliwell).....

How ironic that they were holding flowers - as Hilary came to us in the run up to her Golden Wedding and said that she would love me to do some bouquets for her bridesmaids - but what she also brought into the shop with her was her original flower wedding receipt from 50 years ago - and it was from the nursery that used to be behind our shop!!  So great links with me, our shop and what a lovely photo she's sent of her husband, and her two lovely bridesmaids!!  Love local stories like this, and Hilary also has great memories of my mum xxx

Small Business Sunday #SBS

Theo Paphitas (of Dragons Den fame, and also legendary business man) runs a Small Business Sunday competition on twitter every Sunday night - you have to tweet him with the #SBS tag between 5.30 and 7.30.... he only chooses 6 tweets to retweet!

Sunday before Mothers Day - I tweeted from our BudzbyHelenJane twitter account - and my twitter account exploded Monday night as he retweeted us!! Since then we've also had a congratulations from him personally!!

Our twitter followers have increased, even our customers are commenting and last week the Chorley Guardian ran with our new article!!

Social media.... the new word of mouth!!  increased hits to our website as a result too!

Our Scottish Bride & Groom

Many congratulations to Mr & Mrs Phillips who tied the knot in Motherwell, Scotland on Thursday 26th March!  It was an honour to do the wedding flowers and attend as day guests - everyone loved the flowers and we got great comments throughout the day and during the Grooms speech!  There are more photos on our facebook page but here are just a couple for now!

Budz Wedding - IN SCOTLAND!

Well our Budzmobile is certainly on tour this week!!!  We are both heading to Scotland in the Budzmobile, complete with wedding flowers for our friends Yvonne & Dave who tie the knot on Thursday 26th March in Motherwell!!

It doesn't seem that long since I met Yvonne now 11 years ago, on holiday in Corfu, and she was on holiday with me 12 months later in Rhodes when I met Andy (yes our holiday romance turned into marriage!).  Yvonne made it to our wedding in 2006 as a guest!

We were delighted when Yvonne & Dave asked us to do their wedding flowers, and of course be a day guest at the lovely hotel in Motherwell!!  So its certainly Budz on tour!!  This does mean we will be closed for 2 days - we will be heading north early Weds morning, and will be back in the shop Friday afternoon!!

So here are the soon to be Mr & Mrs Phillips!!  We will of course share some wedding pics next weekend!!

Twitter - Theo Paphitis #SBS

How exciting!!  tonight we learnt that we have become part of the #SBS family - run by multi millionaire Theo Paphitis!

We are so proud of our business, and this has always been one of my ambitions.... now we don't do a lot of twitter - I know, I know - we should but we've found facebook works more for us.... however last night I thought I'd give it a go!!

Our twitter account tonight has just exploded!  with more than 100 more followers! and lots of congratulation messages too!

Check us out on Twitter  - https://twitter.com/BudzbyHelenJane


Mothers Day - 15th March 2015

We are fast approaching Mothers Day - 15th March 2015!

We are now taking orders for delivery throughout the weekend, and we will be open on Saturday from early until at least 5pm, and Sunday from 8am until 2pm. You can place your order on line, by telephone or calling into the shop!  We will also be delivering throughout the weekend, and our aim is to have all the deliveries done on Sunday by 2pm - as we have another driver working for us!  Please note we cannot guarantee any timed deliveries due to workload!

Fabulous flowers in from Holland, created into fabulous designs, great value for money - and of course a personal service!!

Mums are precious, and they deserve much more than supermarket flowers! so choose Budz by Helen Jane - stay loyal to a local business, owne by a local couple!  Hope to see you (or hear from you) over the Mothers Day weekend!

Thank you for Valentines!

A huge thank you to each and every customer of Budz by Helen Jane this Valentines Day!  Great feedback on our flowers, lots of happy customers and deliveries!

Thank you for staying loyal to us, as a local couple and business! it means a lot to us!  Its been a particularly hectic and busy peak period for us, and we've managed it virtually between us (with a little help from our honorary nephew Greg West who stepped in at the last minute to do our very local deliveries!).  We now get Sunday off as a reward!  We really do hope your Valentines Weekend is a "Budz flowers by day, and fireworks at night" occasion!

Remember to keep your flowers cool (not cold) and keep watering them!!

Valentines Day - Keep it local!

We are just one week off 14th February - Valentines Day!!  orders being taken now for our fabulous red roses, along with mixed boxes, handtieds and arrangements - come on - your loved one is worth far more than supermarket flowers.... or flowers ordered on line to order gatherers... you know the relay services that pop up as google ads when you do searches?  Well a very clever florist in Wisconsin (Jamie Foshey of Leaves Floral Design & Gift Boutique) has produced this, which I'm going to share as the sentiment is ours too!!  Remember folks keep it local, there is no where better than Budz by Helen Jane for quality flowers, fab designs, value for money and a personal service!!  order on line or just give us a ring to place your order ! 01257 475100! 

Spring has sprung....

well ok... its not quite spring, but how about a splash of colour for your home and your garden?  We have some great products, at great prices from as little as £1.99....

Pop down to the shop and have a browse, so really different little gift ideas and also some quirky containers that you can replenish as the seasons change, but for now, how about a touch of spring??

Wedding Flowers

Throughout January we have signed up a number of Brides who have chosen Budz by Helen Jane for their wedding flowers!

We have just launched a features page on our website - headed this time - Horwich Wedding!

Check out Kiara and Sam's big day!.... here's a little taster:

Brrrrr! January 2015

January in Budz by Helen Jane is proving to be yet another busy month with unfortunately a large number of funerals.

However, we have had some pleasure in working with our customers to ensure we get it just right for the day they say a goodbye to their loved ones.  We have had some great feedback, shared a few tears (we are human too) but have provided a first class service.  It is always really difficult as a florist to do funeral flowers for people that you knew, and it is unfortunately part of the job, but I've felt that by knowing the person, thinking about them whilst doing the flowers is an honour. 

I am sharing just one funeral piece we did for a lovely young man, who fought his illness with dignity, vigour and right up until the end, the energy he threw at life.  A young lad who was taken far too soon at the tender age of 18, his favourite colour was green, and at his funeral people were asked to wear a splash of green.... ribbons, hair bands, ties, dresses.......  RIP Callum xxx

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year for 2015!!

2014 has been a busy year for us in Budz, with no break (except for the bank holidays) and just a week off this Christmas!  We've had great feedback not just on our flowers but the personal service we pride ourselves in at Budz!  Including taking home flowers that hadn't been collected on Christmas Eve, despite leaving numerous messages with the chap who had placed the order! when he finally made contact with us - he collected them from our home at 10pm on Christmas Eve!! lots of florists wouldn't have done that!!  He did apologise to us with a bottle of wine!

So we're open on New Years Eve with fresh flowers direct from Holland and back in on Friday 2nd Jan 10am until 4, Saturday 3rd Jan 9 until 1pm then back to normal opening hours Monday 5th January onwards.

Remember you can order on-line, in the shop or by phone (and pay by phone) - we even divert the shop phone to home, so you can get hold of us in the evening as well!! 

So - a Happy New Year from Helen & Andy and hope to see you in 2015!!


Budz Reindeer goes to a new home!

Yes our Budz Reindeer went on his travels yesterday... he's found a new home and there was talk of him getting a bell for around his neck and outdoor lights!!!  Here's the moment when Helen said goodbye and wished him well!!

Customer has Talent!!

We get orders from all over the world, including many in Australia who still have relatives in Adlington.  One is Denise Woodhams who lives in Sydney, Australia (she was Denise Hart and my claim to fame is that we were in the Brownies together and went to the same church when we were growing up).  By the power of technology i.e. facebook I am now in touch with Denise, and we regularly do flowers for her mum and dad who are also the very proud grandparents of Amber.

Amber is aged 9 (going on 19 according to her mum!) and is a very talented young lady!! we already have her youtube videos on Amber on our website, along with her Dad Adam Woodhams who specialises in Horticulture and Landscaping in Oz.... have a look for her on the links.

In the meantime, this 9 year old was filmed doing her first ever solo, and her proud parents have sent us the recording of it.... so althouth not strictly flower related.... I thought you might enjoy listening to Where is Love? from Amber:


Budz Christmas Window 2014

Yes- we are lighting up Church Street with our Christmas window!

Our Budz Christmas Wedding window display is getting great feedback!  All gearing up for Christmas now, lots of items already on sale... christmas decorations, cards, candles, table decorations.... call in to have a browse! or why not order Christmas flowers to be delivered Christmas week?

6 weeks to Christmas Eve!!

Well we are about to put our new window display in this week - yes Christmas!!  We have already started to introduce a bit of Christmas Sparkle into our shop - we've got cards, gifts, candles, and some lovely silk arrangements already in, and of course a huge reindeer who is for sale too! would look ace in a garden this winter!!  Pop in and take a look, more and more Christmas stuff will start to appear, and we'll also be working on our door wreaths and grave pots soon!!  Our wreaths we make from scratch and always get regular customers coming back for their door wreaths each year!!  HO HO HO

Adlington's very own Santa (who is soon to head off to Lapland - I joke not!) helped us out with some publicity shots, and S&J Walkden photography took the photos!!  He will be appearing for us regularly on our facebook page, as Christmas approaches!!

Sleigh bells ring... are you listening....

HO! HO! HO!!!

yes - Christmas is coming!!  and its starting to appear in Budz too!!

Now I don't know about you - but I just cannot keep a poinsettia plant!! I do like them but they just don't like me - they also don't like our cold shop either.... soooooo..... how about one that is artificial?? we've got a few designs showing our artificial poinsettias here, but why not call into the shop sometime soon for a browse..... we will be gradually getting our Christmas designs out and about, and we will also be updating our website with Christmas designs available for delivery right up until lunchtime on Christmas Eve!!

Ho, ho, ho... less than 7 weeks now folks!

Remembrance Window Display

A tribute to those who lost their lives to serve our Country, and especially 100 years since WW1 - here is our current window display designe by Andy - its his speciality!  Lots of great feedback and comments already, both at the shop and on facebook!!  If you are going past, please be sure to look in - it looks fantastic at night!

Wedding Fayre - Chorley Town Hall

We will be exhibiting at Chorley Town Hall on Sunday 26th October - 12 until 3.30pm.  Pop in and say hi, and have a look around this stunning venue! lots of other exhibitors there - but we will be the only florist!!

Local Event in Chorley

Please do support this local event being held in Chorley... a friend of ours has played a major part in getting this off the ground!

Facebook Caption Competition!

You have to be in it to win it!! click on the attached link - follow the rules!!!  you could win a Budz bouquet!


Adlington Road Opening!

We have heard some good news today - that Railway Road, that has been shut since early June is opening the end of next week!  Slightly earlier than expected!

This is great news for the folks of Adlington and importantly for our business, which as been affected greatly!!

Funeral Flowers

We were honoured to be asked to do the funeral flowers for an Adlington legend - John Dootson RIP.  A well known and respected local chap who had trod the boards with St Pauls' Players over many years - the best ever "baddie" and a Tin Man with a huge heart!

Our sympathy goes to Glenda, Michael and Carol, their family and friends.  Red and white flowers were chosen, to represent his love of cricket.  RIP John, it was an honour to know you over many years x

Wedding flowers - 2nd generation!

We had a first this week in Budz - a Monday wedding!! Many congratulations to Kim and Dave!!

When Kims mum came into organise her flowers she told me that my Mum had done her wedding flowers over 30 years ago!!  how wonderful!  Kim and Dave wanted rustic, colourful, random and gathered - yes Kim loved her bouquet!!

October Madness

To celebrate our 3 year Anniversary in Budz - we have brought in October Madness

Place an order on line, and enter October Madness in the voucher code at the check out and you will get 10% off!!!  Only applicable for orders placed on line (not when you ring the shop)... Offer is on for the whole of October!

Why come to Budz for funeral flowers?

Sympathy flowers - not the nicest of times you need flowers for... I totally appreciate that.  We see it as an honour to be asked to flowers for anyones funeral, so we offer a great service, by talking to the relatives about what they are looking for, quoting honestly for the work and we will deliver to the funeral directors on the day of the funeral.

You do not have to go with the florist the Funeral Director uses, and although it you may think it easier just to arrange your flowers with them at the time, do you know you are often paying 30% commission to the Funeral Director? - that is your money that is not going on your flowers!

We did some funeral flowers recently, made especially for their Mum, according to what her Mum loved, and we delivered to a funeral home the other side of Bolton.  They were thrilled with them, yes they made them cry but said "they are just perfect".

Wedding Flowers!

Well its certainly been a busy time with Weddings this year for Budz!  Last weekend saw us doing two very different weddings on the same day!  Kept Andy busy in the shop and Helen busy creating!!

Both Brides delighted!


Chorley Guardian featuring Budz!

Tuesday 12th August - we are in the Chorley Guardian with our Lonely Bouquet!!  Great news story and we're on the hunt to track down "Denise Black from Blackrod" - we don't think she will know she's featured in the Guardian today!

We have been busy with weddings, funerals, gift work and of course our website, do have a look at us on facebook... and put a "like" on our page, that way you will know what Andy and Helen at Budz are up to on a daily (!) basis!

Here is the article on Budz by Helen Jane- enjoy!

All in a days work!


Well July has wizzed by us here at Budz!  The Budzmobile is out and about more and more, thanks to our great website!!  We are also now Smart Phone enabled!! we went live on a Friday, first order Monay morning!

We have been getting great feedback on our website too!! Not just folks ordering on-line but also having a browse, then ringing us and having a chat with us about preferences, colours, budget, choices and then of course deliveries!  We do try and accommodate delivery time requests when possible, but we do ask you to bear with us on this, as we can't deliver to the minute!!

We are currently gearing up a large wedding on the 26th July, lots of flowers due in from Holland this week, all for Helen to work her Budz magic on them!  Remember we are open throughout the summer months, and are taking orders.  One thing we have had to introduce though, is that if you order flowers for collection, then you do need to pay for them in full at the time of ordering... that also applies to buttonholes.  Please remember we offer a bespoke service, and although we do have ready to goes available every day, specific orders do require a little time to actually ensure we have the right flowers in, and of course, work our Budz magic into designing them! 

Take care, Helen & Andy

The month of June!

Well this has been a really busy month for Budz by Helen Jane - with lots of deliveries in the Budzmobile!

We have also been doing wedding work - for customers attending as guests, with buttonholes, corsages, wristlets and facinators!  Fridays and Saturday collections are definately up!!

We also had the pleasure of another wedding this month - Sarah & Mick - take a look at our facebook page for lots of pictures, but here are just a couple to browse through!!

Remember - although Railway Road in Adlington might be closed for bridge works - we are still here!!!  give us a call, place your order by phone, or even order online!!  Happy June everyone!

Fabulous Wedding

Last Friday saw Andy and myself not only providing the venue and bridal flowers for a wedding - but also attending as guests!

Two years ago, Steve & Pauline asked us to do their wedding flowers, so we were fully involved in all their wedding preparations!  It was a fabulous day, lots of surprises and how stunning did they all look??  Liverpool Hilton was the venue!

Check out our facebook page for great pictures!


New Ecommerce Website Live

Today we have launched our new look website with online ordering, customers near and far can order from us now anytime night or day from anywhere in the World. Still want to talk to a real florist about your flower order? No problem please call us on 01257 475100, calling from outside the UK please dial 0044 1257 475100. If you're local you can still come in and see us in person.

Talks and Demonstrations

Helen has added to the Budz experience by doing talks and demonstrations to groups of people who are interested in knowing more about "The Life of a Florist" - for a small fee, Helen will come out and do a talk, and demonstration lasting about an hour, and you get to keep/raffle the flowers off at the end of the evening!! So if you know of any groups who might be interested, get them to ring Budz and book Helen for your event!!

This is just some feedback from a demonstration:

"Hi Helen

Many, many thanks for such an interesting, informative, from the heart talk last night. It was so obvious how passionate you and hubby are about your business and that goes a long, long way to being successful.

The ladies were chatting about you afterwards saying how much they had enjoyed listening to you.

Good luck for your future, and I have your card!  Anne x"

I'm also sharing with you a YouTube video of a young lady called Amber-Rose Woodhams - this is a fantastic video - all made by the family - her Dad Adam, and her mum Denise did the filming and editing,and wrote the scripts along with Denise's brother Darren aka Ziko wrote, performed and recorded the music himself.  Amber is "down-under" in Oz - I know her mum Denise from school, brownies and guides!

Have a look - this young lady, I am sure you will agree, once you've viewed it - is a star in the making!


Fresh Flowers from Holland

All our flowers come direct from Holland, and are here within just 24 hours of us ordering!  Often when we buy at auction the flowers aren't even on site, that means they are as fresh as can be, and are often still with the grower!;

All our flowers once they reach our premises, are treated with the utmost respect.  Each flower vase has been washed thoroughly to ensure there is no bacteria lurking (which can harm the flowers), and then the water is at room temperature and has already been treated with excellent flower food (known as the viagra of florists!) :-)

Each flower is then stripped of the leaves that could hit the water, the stem cut on an angle and inspected to ensure excellent quality before it goes on display;

The flowers are then expertly arranged by Helen into whatever sort of bouquet you like - maybe a handtied, that can be placed into a vase; an arrangement or a box arrangement which always contain floral foam to ensure your flowers are kept and arranged in excellent condition;

If you have requested delivery, then we will try to ensure wherever possible that they are delivered at a time specified, subject of course to our Budzmobile delivery schedule;

Andy will then personally deliver your flowers - with a SMILE!  If the recipient is not in then we will either leave them in a safe, and dry place and pop a note through the door, leave them with a neighbour (again a note through the door) or return them to the shop (only when locally delivered) and a note popped through the door to say we've tried to deliver, and please ring us;

We are the only award winning florist that is in the Good Florist Guide for a 10 mile radius;

We can take your order over the phone up to 9pm at night, any day of the week, you do not have to order on-line as you make like to discuss preferences and can also discuss flower availability;

All your money goes on your flowers and your local delivery, there is no commission to take off, and we are not yet VAT registered, so no VAT.

All of this results in happy customers, great feedback and you supporting a local business in Adlington, Chorley, run by husband and wife team, Andy and Helen, we look forward to your call.

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